R2S Evo Bot

R2S Evo Bot

R2S Evo Bot

Telegram 4.0

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Product Description

Our latest addition to the family is a complete revision of R2S Like Bot.
Thanks to our latest improvements this bot is paired with a powerful web based app that allows you to be productive and complete your Instagram engagement round even when telegram is not available to you. After our latest improvements you can also process multiple accounts simultaneously. The requirement of residential proxy was decided, in agreement with our Instagram Experts to improve the effectiveness of engagement round and to safeguard your account. Suitable for any round group.
NB: due to latest Instagram log in complexities, you might not be able to log in with Instagram through R2S Evo Bot because your account isn’t trusted enough by Instagram. We are not responsible for it; some accounts are working smoothly. Buy at your own risk, No refund.

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